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VTG technology has the potential to revolutionize any industry involving the generation or consumption of power.

Variable Torque Generation (VTG) consists of advanced technology in five areas: (a) Variable permanent magnetic rotor field, (b) Variable stator amp capacity and stator coil resistance, (c) Staged switching, (d) Advanced cooling, (e) Computer controlled artificial intelligence to monitor both internal and external conditions and adjust its several variables to maintain maximum efficiency over a wider range of RPM than ever before possible.

The five VTG technologies can be applied in part or in whole to most/all existing motor generator applications. VTG is manufacturable by those in the motor/generator business as it will require no extensive capital/equipment modifications. Depending on the application any one of its five components can be added to and complement existing technology. When used in its entirety VTG will provide the most energy efficient motor or generator available in the world today where widely variable conditions prevail, including the most recent of advanced motor technology for automobiles.


Early last year FP’s development reached a level through internal proof of concept and patents issued that its founders recognized that they have a world changing technology and have begun to look for potential partners to accelerate the growth of the technology and the company

Our present goal is to begin turning a profit by early next year through the marketing and sale of two of its initial products: 1. An extremely light weight 5- kw portable generator followed by a 15-kw generator with even higher power density and 2. A hybrid electric outboard motor, followed by a full electric Outboard and an inboard electric marine propulsion system.

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Industry and Societal Impact

VTG has its greatest potential for carbon reduction and energy efficiency in:

Renewables such as wind and wave power generation where the power in the wind or waves varies widely. VTG windmills will have, lower cut in speed, higher cut out speed, thus a greater range with higher efficiency over the entire operating range, greater rpm control, be lighter in weight have direct drive and no transmission.

Large building air conditioning systems where equipment employing VTG can be connected to the grid, feed information to and accept commands from the grid as to the level of cooling to be provided based on available grid energy to avoid or reduce the potential for Brown Outs.

Transportation, particularly busses, garbage trucks, mass transit etc. where efficiency in power usage is a critical cost factor.

Renewable energy and Transportation both involve the consumption or use of energy where the source or application is highly variable, which is where VTG excels over other motor generator technology.

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