James Lee Bailey

Founder, Scientist and President

Jim started his career in the US Army Reserves as a heavy equipment operator, was honorably discharged, attended Mesa State College, and was employed by Sundstrand Aviation as a CNC operator and Certified Inspector for aircraft parts, becoming interested in electronics, Jim and two others founded 1-0-X Corp which became Xidem Inc. where he was Chief Scientist and patent author for: Digital Distributed Reconfigurable Electric Motor US 7,248,006, Under a $2million Grant from NIST; Electronic Engine US6,046,523; Transmaster US5,946,604; Motorvator US 5,803,745. While at Xidem Inc, Jim worked with Starbridge Systems and when Xidem Inc disbanded Jim joined Starbridge and worked with Kent Gilson as a principal participant in the board layout and design of the Super-Computer HAL1
Links: Wired Article | SBIR | NASA Press Release

Jim also did contract work for Front Stage Enterprises where he was chief designer, builder and tested five prototypes of Karaoke machines and was the concept designer and patent author for a Karaoke machine with patent pending. In 2001-2010 Jim was co-founder of Windcatcher Windmills LLC where he was sole author of 2 patents pending and coauthor of 1 concentrating on lower startup and higher shut down speeds. In 2005- 2010 Jim was co -founder of H2GO and Director of Engineering and patent author of the Hydraulic Assisted Hybrid Electric Motor. In 2011 Jim was the co-founder, CEO and Patent Author for Hybrid Vehicles of Danville- Armored Tactical Hybrid Vehicles designed and developed as the fastest B4 level armored vehicle.

Videos: Black Bear Tactical Unit in actionHybrid Vehicles | Armored hybrid tactical unit

Jim Joined Falcon Power LLC on Jan 1, 2014, he is co-founder, President, and Director of Engineering. He has five patents issued as sole or co- author prior to joining Falcon Power with seven issued and 3 more published as co-author pending issue since joining Falcon Power.

Areas of Expertise

Mechanical Engineering, Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Electronics Engineering, Electromagnetics, Magnetics, Aerodynamics Aerodynamics/Fluid Engineering, Energy Efficiency Concept designer, Hybrid Vehicles and advanced motor generator technology, Patent Author

  • Present - President Falcon Power LLC and Chief Scientist-2014-Present; 2012-2014 Commonwealth Machine and Fab, CEO, Founder, Concept Designer and Patent Author.
  • 2011-2014 - Hybrid Vehicles of Danville, Co-Founder, CEO Concept Designer and Patent Author.
  • 2005-2010 - H2GO- Hydraulic Assisted Hybrid Electric Motor, Co- Founder, CEO, Concept Designer and Patent Author.
  • 2001-2010 - WindCatcher/Windraulics- Wind Machines, Power Transfer and Storage, Co-Founder, COO, Concept Designer and Patent Author.
  • 1994-2003 - Xidem Inc, Chief Scientist, Concept Designer and Patent Author- US7,248,006 Digital Distributed Reconfigurable Electric Motor, US 6,046,523 Electronic Engine, US 5,946,604 Transnaster, US5,803,745 Motorvator
  • 1999-2004 - Independent Contract Work- StarBridge Systems- Super Computer Hal 1, board layout and design: Front Stage Enterprises, Concept Designer and Patent Author
  • 1988-1993 - Sunstrand Aviation- Certified Inspector
  • 1986-1994 - US Army Reserves