Dr. Steven Daniels, PhD

Director of Research and Development

40 plus years’ experience in electric motors, generators, and power electronics. Starting as an apprentice in an electric motor shop has a multifaceted history of successful initiatives in Business Entrepreneurship; University-Level Class Instruction; as well as in the Research, Development and Production of Power Electronics, Controls and Electric Machines. Due to the length of his resume Dr. Daniels work history in this document is limited to his title or job description and the most relevant items that he was involved with in each Company he was working for either as a direct employee or contract consultant. In all the accomplishments listed as design accomplishments he was either the sole designer, the lead designer or project design manager. Additional information is available on request.

Work History

Booz-Allen-Hamilton-Sr Lead Engineer; Design and development of electromechanical systems, motor drives, battery charging and power conditioning. Williams International-Power Electronics Research Engineer (contract); Design and development of high power (>30kW) 400Hz inverter utilizing wide-bandgap devices. Electronic Development LLC-Consultant; Design of a four-solenoid smart driver system with diagnostics including PCB layout.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Research Engineer- Design of 2,880 cell Li-Ion 18650 (700V) battery pack and battery management system (BMS). Design of aircraft power distribution system including auxiliary 14V backup system Performance analysis through simulation of 125kW hybrid-electric propulsion system.

Micro Mechanical LLC- Chief Engineer and President. Designed an in-hub non-contact bicycle generator and battery charging circuit using a SEPIC converter. Designed a 250 W and 1.5 kW high power density DC-DC converter including planar magnetics. (Flowserve Corp. 2014-2015). Performed conducted MIL-SPEC EMC/EMI analysis (SPICE based) of multiple AC inverter for shipboard use. (SATCON). Conducted finite element analysis and design for manufacturability of a 100 HP, high-speed permanent magnet synchronous electric machine (Turbocor/Danfoss).

Northrup Grumman, Contractor-Led strategic direction and handled all aspects of project management including the design and development of 100kW active rectifier and DC-DC converter for shipboard applications. Executed all functions including prototype startup, testing, and designing manufacturability and cost. Performed in-depth simulation studies including- Effect of DI water on 833kW converter performance, FEA of 70kW HF transformer. Executed design and FEA of 25kW high frequency transformer.

International Development Corporation, Consultant- Designed, developed, and manufactured a micro-controller (ATMEL) based Homeopathic medical device. Reciprocating engine efficiency enhancement utilizing novel linear actuator and microcontroller-based drive. Provide technical support to Engineering Technology Division at ORNL, develop complete SPICE behavioral model of the ML4425 brushless DC motor control IC. Perform stability analysis of motor-controllers utilizing developed model. Design and finite element analysis of a 50 HP radial gap permanent magnet synchronous machine for Turbocor (Danfoss). Onsite: Melbourne, Australi Designed an aircraft power distribution center including a dual-alternator field controller.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Development Associate, -Developed an X11 CAD program utilizing the C language and the EZWGL widget library to aid in the design of axial gap permanent magnet machines (AGPM). Design and construct experimental electric machines and power electronic circuitry for a variety of sponsors under work for others program. Task Leader for Sandia resistive load test for variable speed 50 horsepower microcomputer based brushless DC motor drive.

Instrument Corporation of America, Project Manager, Performed circuit design, PCB layouts and prepared technical documentation.

Silas Mason Co. Engineer- Developed analog and digital circuitry in support of explosives research including upgrading and development of a microprocessor-based firing panel.

Black & Decker Manufacturing, Electronic Engineer- Designed and developed switch-mode power supplies for the charging of nicad batteries. Designed and developed a non-isolated nicad battery charger for the system U.S. Patent 5,013,993.

Murray Corporation, Electronic Engineer,

Scott Electric Motors, Shop Foreman, Directed and participated in the repair, rewind, and redesign of fractional and integral horsepower electric motors. Provided on-site repair of electric controls for motors and generators.

Wisner Electric Motors, Electric Motor Technician, - Repaired and rewound fractional and integral horsepower motors.

Teaching History

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Adjunct Professor
American Public University System, Associate Professor/Program Director
University of North Florida, Assistant Professor, electromagnetics, and power electronics, conducted ongoing research and teaching in power electronics, specialized electromagnetic actuators and their associated drive and microcontroller or DSP control.
University of Alabama, Assistant Professor – Power Electronics, Digital Electronics, research the design of optimal electric machines.
University of Tennessee, Assistant Research Professor
University of Alaska, Assistant Professor- Power systems, electrical machines, power electronics, introduced FEA into under graduate program.
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico- undergraduate corses


Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
Clearance Level- DOD Secret